Sideways Cycles

White Industries.

A long time ago, White Industries was renown for building top quality components with good looks, durability and light weight – then a deal with an overseas producer led to licensed components being fitted to a lot of bikes as standard. Unfortunately, the licensed designs weren’t a patch on the ‘real thing’ and warranty issues and a drop in customer confidence lead to a real down turn. Scroll forward a few years and Doug White regained full control of what was produced and where – all products are made in house to Doug’s diligent standards, meaning that everything is back to the standard that built the brand initially.

 We were wandering the aisles of Interbike 2001, when we came across Doug’s little booth – there he was, holding a product that he’d only just made, as something new for the show. Well, it was the most magically smooth, beautifully engineered, sealed freewheel – just what U.K. singlespeeders had been wishing for. I was smitten and the deal was done. We’ve stocked those freewheels and hubs since then and can honestly say they are superb. Doug is always looking for new ideas to bring to life, so the Eccentric rear hub and singlespeed crank soon came along, who knows what’s next?