Sideways Cycles

Surly Tyres

They gave us choice and a fine selection of rubber - take your pick, you can't go wrong.
Nate is great for grip in snow, glop and making tractor noises. 27tpi for lower cost and a stiffer sidewall, 120tpi for lighter weight and a more supple ride, folding bead for even more less weight. Woo!

Nate 3.8"

Larry, with it's dagger tread is a great front tyre and works on the back too in dryer conditions or on the beach.
Larry 3.8"

Bud and Lou are the big daddies - 4.8" wide, they probably won't even fit in your frame. If they do, you will be invincible. Bud on the front and Lou out back.

Bud or Lou 4.8"